The Home of Big Foot and Big Jackpots

Relax in Black Hawk Colorado’s Most Unique Casino

Sasquatch Casino, one of few casinos near denver, features a comfortable, relaxed environment under the watching gaze of “Harry” the casino’s 7' 4" Sasquatch. The casino's 6000+ sq feet features two floors of gaming with over 145 slot machines, video poker, two restaurants and a bar featuring our very own Sasquatch Wheat Ale.

Sasquatch Casino was established in 2011 by the Smith family, which owns other casinos near Denver, Colorado as well. The family has taken careful effort to create an environment that captures a look and feel that reflects the historic culture of Black Hawk, Colorado. Both floors of Sasquatch Casino feature a number of preserved wildlife exhibits that help create that "rustic mining town feel" while adding some interesting décor for the entertainment of the casino's guests.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch

Jonas Brothers Taxidermy created Harry, the casino’s 7' 4" Sasquatch, with great attention to detail. The team at Jonas Brothers, with direction from Mr. Ed Smith, used the descriptions from expert John Green's book, “Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us”, along with a number of other books, to create this impressive recreation. You can see images of the process of creating Harry near him on the main casino floor. Be sure to take a minute and get a photo with Harry while visiting the casino. Don’t forget to rub the “harry Sasquatch butt" for good luck before you give the slot machines a spin.

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Casino Exibits

Don’t miss the brilliant animal exhibits at Sasquatch Casino, one of a few casinos near Denver, Colorado. Staying with the mining town tradition, Sasquatch Casino has integrated into its ambiance beautiful specimens of the Rocky Mountain’s wildlife. One of the features on the first floor is a beautiful Brown Bear presenting itself in a full upright stance. This magnificent animal is well over 7’ when standing. On our second floor a Mountain Lion waits on its perch,
watching for an easy meal to stray its way. Feel free to stroll the casino floor to see what other interesting wildlife you can find.

Sasquatch Casino

Home of Big Foot and Big Jackpots.

Casino Promotions

Don’t miss these great promotions and opportunities to win. Sasquatch Casino Has daily, weekly and monthly promotions on food and games.

Casino Amenities

Sasquatch Casino features 6,000 sq ft of fun. With 2 levels of of the most popular slots. With that many choices, you will be certain to find your favorite machine.


Two restaurants with great prices and great eats. Hot fast breakfast burritos at Harry’s Grill and Sasquatch Pie at Harry's Hideout on the second floor.